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Auth Body Image HABC HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points)

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Health & Safety
Food Hygiene


In the food workplaces of today, HACCP (Hazard Analasys and Critical Control Points) has become a major factor in adhering the standards set out by the FSA. Whoever is made responsible for HACCP in their workplace must be trained in the subject. This course is designed to impart to the students all the basics of HACCP, and is ideal for those working in a small to medium business.


  • Food Safety Management
  • Hazards of Food Safety
  • What is HACCP
  • Benefits of a HACCP system
  • Adverse consequences of not having HACCP
  • Prerequisite for HACCP
  • Role of Employers & Employees
  • Law relating to HACCP
  • Implementation of HACCP


For employers within the catering and food manufacturing industries, this is a great course to enrol employees on to demonstrate a commitment towards food hygiene. This course will highlight any key areas within processes where foo is at an increased risk of contamination and how to manage the risk.


Multiple Choice examination


3 years

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